Waterproof Case

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Waterproof housing for BbTALKIN units.  The is a replacement part.

IMPORTANT: If your case breaks and you continue to use it on the water, you will risk water entering the case compromising your BbTALKIN unit due to water damage.  Do not try to repair your case if it cracks or breaks. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

If you find your case breaking upon impact while being used on a helmet, we have newly released rubber band helmet mounts.  These are designed specifically for high impact sports.  We recommend upgrading your helmet mount to this style if you are using our standard mount.


From the date of purchase, the cases are covered for 6 months. Please see our warranty section for complete warranty details. Please follow our instructions carefully as you are using electronics on the water.  It is important to always inspect your equipment after each use to make sure all seals are secure.  If you are using during extreme sports and falls are taken with the equipment on, make sure your case did not incur any cracks or breaks.  Water damage is not covered under warranty.

SKU: S02

EAN: 4713309040139

Plastic casing designed for BbTALKIN units