Microphone Piece

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Waterproof IPX7

Replacement microphone piece compatible with our BbTALKIN USA head accessories.

The microphone piece can be replaced on the following head accessories:

B01R: Sports Headset

B01HR: Surf Hat

B01CR and B01CRUS: Baseball Cap

B02R: Single Sided Helmet Speaker Pad

B03R: Double Sided Helmet Speaker Pad

B02G: Single Sided Helmet Speaker Pad for GATH helmet


From the date of purchase, the microphone piece within your headset is covered for 6 months. Please see our warranty section for complete warranty details.

  • 1. Fresh water rinse after each use.
  • a. Remove the foam microphone cover;
  • b. Use fresh water to rinse the microphone;
  • c. DO NOT use high pressure spray;
  • d. Place in a ventilated place for drying.
  • 1. Take out the old microphone.
    2. Place the new microphone into your head accessory.
    3. Make sure the PINS are matched up. This is very important.
    4. Once the PINS are matched up, screw the new microphone in using the two screws provided.
    5. The microphone being slightly raised is normal.

x1: Microphone piece

x2: Screws