Surf Hat Package

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SKUs: A02R + B01HR

EAN: 4713309040351 + 4713309040207

Advance Unit 2 Piece Set:


Black Cloth Surf Hat with Left Speaker and Boom Microphone with Universal Fit:

<li>Use fresh water to wash all of the headset.</li>
<li>Make sure to rinse the microphone and speaker piece.</li>
<li>DO NOT use high pressure spray.</li>
<li>Best to submerge in bucket of fresh water for through wash.</li>
<li>Hang to dry in a well ventilated place</li>

If using in salt water, you must fresh water rinse. Failure to do so can cause corrosion and product failure.

1. Secure the boom microphone onto your Surf Hat.
2. Run the 3.5mm cable through the hole of the Surf Hat.
3. Install the plastic clip mount onto the hat.
4. Mount the waterproof case into the plastic mount. Make sure both sides of the casing is securely into the mount.
5. Plug in the boom microphone’s 3.5mm audio cable. Make sure the cable is tight and secure. Failure to do so will cause water intrusion into the casing. Any water damage to the unit
within the casing is not covered under warranty.
6. Make sure after each use that your case is secure and sealed.

x1: A02R = Advance Unit 2 piece set

x2: B01HR = Surf Hat