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Weatherproof IPX5

Our BbTALKIN package for your snow helmet.  This comes with our premium snow helmet speakers plus a microphone.  If you wish to communication with one another, you plug the microphone into your premium snow helmet speakers and the Advance Unit.  If you want to just listen to music, you can plug the premium snow helmet speakers directly into your cell phone or audio player.

The microphone is designed to be used with our Advance Unit only.

If you also like to listen to music while skiing and snow boarding, this new light weight premium sound speaker will be perfect for you! You can plug the speakers directly into your phone or music player and listen to music.  Or, if you have our Advance Unit, you can Bluetooth our Advance Unit into your cell phone and listen to your music with premium sound.


From the date of purchase, your premium snow helmet speaker has a 6 month limited warranty. Please refer to our warranty section for further details.

SKU: BR01 + B11

EAN: 4713309040337 + 4713309040108


040mm Ω8
Weight: 34g
Width: 11mm
Diameter: 40mm
3.5mm Audio Cable Female
Neodymium Magnet: Designed to make the bass powerful, clear and strong.


Microphone with 3.5mm male jack, including clip