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Add the Telesin Pole to your BbTALKIN set up to extend your range when coaching from shore.   The Telesin Pole is made out of carbon fiber and light weight.

Extendable at 3 Lengths:




You will need to purchase an extension cable which will run from the Advance Unit mounted onto the Telesin Pole to the head accessory you are using on shore.  We recommend the KabelDirekt (10 feet) Headset Extension Cable (3.5mm male to 3.5mm female).


From the date of purchase, the Telesin Pole is covered for 6 months. Please see our warranty section for complete warranty details.

TELESIN Ultra Long Selfie Stick

Extendable at 3 Lengths: 22″, 47.2″, 106″

Carbon Fiber Lightweight Selfie Pole Monopod 

Includes plastic mount compatible with BbTALKIN unit and GoPro

x1: TELESIN Ultra Long Selfie Stick

x1: Mount for Advance Unit or Go PRO