Multi Connector Set

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This connector is designed with our secure waterproof seal that screws onto your Advance Unit.  The end of this connector is a female 3.5mm jack.  You can plug any male 3.5mm jack into this multi-connector.  If you do not wish to use a BbTALKIN headset with our Advance Units, you can plug any earbud with microphone set up that has a 3.5mm male jack into this connector.

You can also plug your Advance Unit into a boat’s stereo system using this connector.  You allocate one Advance Unit to plug into your boat.  The multi-connector keeps your Advance Unit sealed in it’s waterproof case.  You will need to purchase a 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable, male to male.  One end of this cable plugs into the Advance Unit’s multi-connector and the other end into your boat’s stereo system.  The voice of the person with the other Advance Unit will be projected over the boat’s stereo system for everyone in the boat to hear.

This same concept can be done with any portable speaker or PA system that have a 3.5mm aux in.


From the date of purchase, the multi-connector set is covered for 6 months. Please see our warranty section for complete warranty details.

SKU: S01

EAN: 4713309040122

1/8″ line in connector for audio with 3.5mm male jack designed for BbTALKIN units (For audio and microphone)

1/8″ line in connector for audio and sound with 3.5mm male jack designed for BbTALKIN units (Split – separates audio and microphone)

x2: 1/8″ line in connectors